Maximize the Value and Minimize the Vulnerability of Your Trademarks

Trademarks give you the right to exclude others from using a name, symbol or unique attribute that identifies your product or service. A good trademark develops brand cohesiveness and conveys the goodwill and history of consumer satisfaction inherent within your products and services. But naming trademarks is no easy job - you have to balance customer recognition with trademark registrability and protectability. In today’s competitive marketplace, trademark naming and protection is central to the growth, success, and most importantly, global or regional expansion of every business.

Our Services

We assist clients with solving the complexities of trademark registration, as well as handling trademark oppositions and applications before trademark registries worldwide. We also conduct trademark searches, carry out infringement analysis, undertake validity reviews and administer assignment of rights. 

To enforce your trademark rights, we have established a strong relationship with intellectual property solicitors worldwide, who complement our services globally to advise and represent clients on a variety of trademark-related matters, including trademark infringement, trademark dilution, passing off, tarnishment and disparagement claims, unfair competition and domain name disputes.

Our services include:


Advising on trademark naming and protection strategies


Performing domestic and international trademark searches


Filing domestic and international trademark oppositions and cancellations


Advising on trademark usage and marketing


Advising on trade dress, product configuration and packaging
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